• Malaysia Airlines MH370 and the use of (奇门遁甲) Qi Men Dun Jia

    Author: Jerry King | Publish date: March 12, 2014

    Over the past week, there had been an ongoing discussion amongst Facebook forum members of the Chinese Metaphysics group utilizing different methods revealing similar results. Below is a chart that was provided by one of my private students in Hong Kong, Ken Chin and we've been working together on all kinds of research data in QMDJ. It is always good to operate with an extra person.

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  • What is the difference between Bazi (八字) and QMDJ (奇门遁甲)?

    What is the difference between Bazi and QMDJ?

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  • The Anatomy of the "Russian Rocket"

    Author: Jerry King | Publish date: September 7, 2013

    The Anatomy of the "Russian Rocket"



    Birth Date: March 31, 1971

    Birth Place: Moscow, Russia (Back then: USSR)


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  • Feng Shui Considerations for Purchasing a New Home

    Author: Jerry King | Publish date: July 5, 2013

    Feng Shui (風水) Considerations for Purchasing a New Home

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  • Four Pillars (Bazi - 八字) - The Debate

    Author: Jerry King | Publish date: December 17, 2012


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  • Destiny and Sports

    Author: Jerry King | Publish date: September 29, 2012

    The analysis below regarding the AFL finals is done by Andrea Stoltenberg and she predicted that the Sydney Swans would win the final match. Andrea analyzed the key figures in the match which included the coach and the top three players in each of the teams. The analysis was made the day prior to the match. This analysis is meant to explain how Four Pillars of Destiny can be used to determine which side has the better chance of winning a key match or tournament in sports. Over the years, I have watched many key events, from Superbowls and Stanley Cups, to World Cup finals.

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  • Feng Shui of Aberdeen Centre (Richmond, B.C., Canada)

    Author: Jerry King | Publish date: June 3, 2012

    Recently, I had the opportunity to present on the topic of Feng Shui for Prosperity at the International Feng Shui Conference in Melbourne. One of the case studies that I used included the Feng Shui of Aberdeen Centre which was located in Richmond, B.C. Canada. The building is well-known amongst the Chinese community as many special events are held there while the Chinese TV and Radio stations in Vancouver are headquartered at Aberdeen Centre. During my talks, I presented a video recording of the surroundings and the interior of the building.

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  • Willard Mitt Romney's Destiny Analysis

    Author: Andrea Stoltenberg | Publish date: April 1, 2012

    Willard Mitt Romney is an American businessman and politician. He was the 70th Governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007 and is one of the candidates for the 2012 Republican Party presidential nomination.

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  • Destiny Analysis: Kim Jong-Un and the Fate of North Korea

    Author: Jerry King | Publish date: February 17, 2012

    After the death of Kim Jong-Il, North Koreans were told to respect and stand behind his son, Kim Jong-Un. Prior to Kim Jong-Il’s death, it was pretty much the obvious choice to make Kim Jong-Un as the successor since his two older brothers had many shortcomings in their behaviour overseas. So what makes Kim Jong-Un the obvious choice for succession and is he capable of taking charge of a country ravaged by famine and infused in political turmoil in the international stage? In this next article, Jerry will present his findings through the analysis of his Four Pillars birth chart.

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  • Methodologies of Annual Predictions and the Year of the Dragon

    Author: Jerry King | Publish date: December 19, 2011

    Prior to looking into the year of the Dragon, I would like to explain how interpretations, predictions, and analysis are made about the year. There are many different schools of thought in terms how we predict world events throughout the year. One method is to utilize the Four Pillars of the ruler, which is often referred to as the Grand Duke. Another approach is to interpret the year through the use of the Annual Stars. By gathering data and information from the past, we can use such data to try to predict the future based upon patterns. It is a combination of logic and statistics, not superstition.

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